Desert Essence Coconut Oil Dual Phase Pulling Rinse - 8 Fl Ounce - Pulling Treatment - Coconut, Sesame & Sunflower Oils - Tea Tree - Vitamin C - Reduces Plaque Buildup - Freshens Mouth

Desert Essence
  • Ayurveda


REDUCES PLAQUE BUILDUP - Organic mouth rinse brightens your smile and promotes removal of plaque from teeth, helping to prevent tooth decay. REMOVES IMPURITIES - The goodness of organic virgin coconut, sesame and sunflower oils helps remove impurities from your mouth. FRESHENS UP MOUTH - Desert Essence mouth rinse contains Australian tea tree oil, wintergreen oil and spearmint oils that provide a cooling sensation to your mouth while leaving a refreshing smell. SAFE FOR REGULAR USE - Pulling treatment mouthwash does not contain alcohol, sugar, fluoride, and gmo, which makes it safe for everyday mouth cleaning. INSPIRED BY ANCIENT PRACTICE - Coconut oil mouth rinse is inspired by the ancient ayurvedic practice of oil-pulling to support teeth and gums.